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SINGHANIA SOFT is one of the premier partners of Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. providing solutions with the capability to deliver solutions to diverse industry requirements. Thank you for your support to Tally through the years and for making Tally your preferred business solution. Our main focus area is to make users get the maximum worth of their investment with very economic add-on services that we provide. Concerned mainly with customer satisfaction we play the role of consultant to the management who are looking for proper commitments towards best-implemented systems in their organization.

Tally Services

Tally Sales

We at Singhania Soft are 3 Star Certified Partner of Tally Prime Software Solution in order to fulfill all accounting related needs of individual firm & corporate industries.

Tally Customization

Tally customization makes accounting easy, because it’s possible to add functionalities or make specific changes entirely to tailor the software for your company’s specific needs.

Tally Support

Our comprehensive program is designed to ensure that you never lose time due to system failures. One call from you and we will tackle the problem with speed and efficiency.

Tally Module Implementation

Tally’s Implementation Services are actually innovative and designed to offer solutions around key processes for businesses in their quest for adding value and so, often provides immediate ROI.

Tally Products

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 TallyPrime is in charge of managing all the business-related functions including accounting and tax, inventory and payroll control among many other functions.

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TallyPrime Gold is the product you need if you are managing a company that has many users on its staff who need to access their own License Tally Program on a local area network.

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TallyPrime Auditors Edition

TallyPrime Auditors Edition is a highly efficient and sophisticated tool that aids in the managerial process. The software proves enormously beneficial to CA firms as well as their clients.

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Computer Products & Servcies


Computer Hardware Prodcuts

Desktop AND laptop computers, we believe in making it easy for the client to find an affordable solution that’s also quality-centered. The team at Singhania Soft will take care of you with professional quality customizations and services tailored by your specific needs.


Computer / Laptop Repairing

We do repairs of all shapes and sizes. From desktop PCs to laptops, if the device is broken we’ll help you fix it! We have gained so much experience by working with various brands. 

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