Sangam CRM : best software for lead generation, customer service and marketing automation.

A Mobile CRM solution crafted for Sales, Service and Marketing teams.

Sales CRM

Designed for the ease of sales veterans and those who never want to hear a cold call again, Enjay’s Sangam CRM is a streamlined tool that allows users to work efficiently with their team in managing leads through the sales funnel.

Mobile CRM

A Mobile CRM that is cloud-based, which empowers your sales team with intelligent reporting and automatic activity logging.

Custom CRM

CRM is a great out of the box product, but it can be customized to perfectly suit your specific business needs. Every field, report and automation can be customized to match your business processes.

Call Center CRM

The Enjay Synapse works seamlessly with your Sales and Support desk, a call center management tool that provides an automated interface to databases or other systems that customer service reps may need during their workday.

Helpdesk CRM

Sangam CRM is software that enables customers to improve their service levels, warranties, products and support tickets. It is based on the ITIL standards from the top down during every action taken in our department in order for it to be aligned with optimal performance.

CRM For Marketing

Email, SMS, and WhatsApp automation for lead nurturing, cross selling as well as up-selling. Account-based marketing can be used with proper categorization according to industry, product or region.

CRM software Solutions for Any Industry

SangamCRM has been built to accommodate clients who come from a variety of industries. Since it’s scalable with features like plugins and extensions, there’s no reason why Sangam shouldn’t be able to help you grow your business!

  • CRM for Real Estate
  • CRM for Call Center / BPO
  • CRM for Government
  • CRM for Software Companies
  • CRM for Distribution
  • CRM for Manufacturing
  • CRM for Tally Partners
  • CRM for Healthcare
  • CRM for ITSM & Helpdesk
  • CRM for Pharma
  • CRM for Consulting
  • CRM for Hospitality

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