Tally Cloud : The Better Way to Work

Check out these features that make your cloud experience more secure, more useful, and more effective.

Seamless Access

View your tally from any browser. This is compatible with practically any computer, regardless of the browser software installed. There are no client software requirements, and there's no need to tweak extra options..

Seamless Backup

You can set up a backup schedule and have your files backed up directly to your PC or Google Drive account.

Seamless Uploads

You can Upload GSTR templates and export templates directly from the application without requiring any additional settings.

Seamless Server Management

You can Upload/existing data directly and view at a glance & Installing Tally software for business accounting, Easily Manage users, passwords, & Roles.

Advance Window Management

As a user, you can open three Tally windows at the same time. However, as an admin you are the one who sets how many Tally windows users are allowed to use at their dispense!

Rock-Solid Security

The Linux back-end has been secured with a SSL certificate, ensuring that all browser accesses are encrypted and secure.

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